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Teaching Philosophy

Embracing Technique with Purpose

I will spend a lot of time on technique before anything. This way, students have a nuanced understanding of technique and the ability to use it effectively in performances. I understand the students never have enough time to practice so I teach technique with purpose and efficiency.

Effortless Mastery for Performance Success

I recognize the high-stakes nature of competitions, auditions, and performances. My commitment is not only to prepare students for these moments but to instill a mastery that transcends the fear and nervousness often associated with high-pressure situations. I guide students in honing their technique in a way that becomes second nature, ensuring a steadfast foundation even in the most emotionally charged performances.

Prioritizing Health and Sustainability

A cornerstone of my teaching philosophy is the promotion of injury-free viola playing. By focusing on relaxation and ergonomic techniques, I empower students to practice more consistently and, in turn, enhance their overall sound quality and technical precision. A healthy musician is a resilient musician, capable of sustained growth and exploration.

Celebrating Individualism

I approach each student as a unique artist with distinct needs, strengths, and aspirations. Before delving into the intricacies of practice, I take the time to understand who they are as individuals. Tailoring my instruction to their personalities and learning styles allows me to unlock the full spectrum of their artistic potential and bring out their unique colors in the music they create.

It's Your Music, Not Mine

In my studio, the focus is entirely on the student. While I provide guidance and expertise, I view my role as a facilitator in the discovery of their musical voice. Each student's journey is a collaborative process where they actively participate in shaping their own artistic identity. The music belongs to them, and I am here to nurture and guide that ownership.

Confidence through Skill Development

True confidence is built on a foundation of skill and knowledge. I don't believe in empty words but in equipping students with the tools they need to succeed. Through comprehensive instruction and targeted exercises, I empower my students to believe in their capabilities, fostering a genuine and resilient confidence that accompanies them on and off the stage.


I welcome students who are not just looking for a teacher but a guide in their musical journey. If you are willing to learn, explore, and work hard, I am committed to providing you with the support and knowledge needed to reach your full potential as a violist and artist.

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